If you visit Berlin, you must eat at an imbiss

Imbiss in German means snack, but it is also a general term for a small food stand or street food shop. There are thousands of these small shops around Berlin and they sell every possible variation of street food. They serve the German classic currywurst, but also pizzas, burgers, falafels, kebabs, hot dog, Vietnamese food, Indian food and in some cases even Russian soups. The options are endless. Imbisses are usually small unpretentious places which do not put emphasis on appearance but on the quality of the food. High-quality ingredients, exotic flavours and a relaxed atmosphere is the essence of an imbiss. Each imbiss in many cases has a small seating area inside used during winter. During summer, people just stand outside for a quick lunch or dinner, and of course a glass of beer. Also throughout the city (and especially at the train stations) there many food stalls, kiosks and canteens that serve excellent street food along with coffee or beer.

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