In recent years, every time I go to the centre of Athens for a walk or for shopping, I will always remember passing by Romvis to check if the lions are still in place. In the small Petropoulos Arcade (Στοά Πετρόπουλου) at 13 Romvis Street (Οδός Ρόμβης), at the exit to Evangelistrias Street (Οδός Ευαγγελιστρίας), there are two marble lions, watchful guards of the arcade. They are placed far from each other and at different levels of the arcade. Doing a little research and asking the shop owners in the arcade (most of them with sewing items and wedding preferences), no one knew when or why these lions were placed there. So my interest became more and more intense and I started researching for such sculptures. During a brief search on the internet, I came across the famous “Canova Lions”.

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