Pasta (makaronia/μακαρόνια in Greek) is one of the most popular foods in the world that started in Italy and conquered the planet. In Athens, as in every European capital, there are hundreds of places to try a plate with pasta. From fast-food chains to Michelin-starred restaurants, the choices are endless. In this article, we present 4 of our favourite places for pasta in the city and some of their dishes that we single out.

There are many restaurants in Vienna to try authentic schnitzel, but Figlmüller Wien (known as The House of Schnitzel) is an establishment of the city and has become world famous for its version of schnitzel. Its history starts in 1905, when Johann Figlmüller opened a small wine tavern in Wollzeile, right behind St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Although thousands of visitors coming to Athens have learned about its hidden secret, the scenic neighbourhood of Anafiotika (Αναφιώτικα) in the shadow of the Acropolis (Ακρόπολις), few of them must have noticed the slightly faded relief column dedicated to the hero Konstantinos Koukidis (Κωνσταντίνος Κουκίδης) on Stratonos Street.

Pagrati or Pangrati (Παγκράτι) is one of the most interesting urban areas of Athens that has always played an important role in the life of the city. It was loved by artists and writers, and was a favourite place of residence for intellectuals. The old inhabitants of Pagrati are still…

In the centre of the ever-bustling Berlin, next to the impressive Rotes Rathaus and the iconic Berliner Fernsehturm (TV Tower), lies the unique and picturesque Nikolai Quarter or Nikolaiviertel in German. Although the district is the oldest residential area in the city, it was built in its current form after World War II. It is considered the birthplace of Berlin, so it has historical and emotional significance for the city and its citizens.

Street art has developed mainly in large urban centres and Athens is no exception. The central areas of Athens have become one of the hottest destinations in the world for street artists. The city centre is full of graffiti and murals depicting almost everything. No one can record all the street art works that exist in the neighbourhoods of the city. Apart from their large number, they are also living works that could be destroyed at any time and others could take their place.

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